Training for the over 60s. Growing old doesn’t mean growing weak

Should the elderly train? They definitely should. Should they train differently from youngsters? Not necessarily. The main biological principles apply in both cases. However, there are several factors that must be considered. Tissue elasticity decreases with age, especially in the blood vessels and in other tissues such as tendons, [...]

2022-05-20T12:10:30+02:0020 May 2022|

Strengthening the cervical spine muscles against vertigo and dizziness

There has been a significant increase over recent months in enquiries related to problems in the cervical spine area: pain, dizziness, vertigo. This increase might well be due to poor postures during telework, unsuitable ergonomics at home during the working day, and increased stress and anxiety due to the [...]

2022-05-20T12:13:02+02:0020 May 2022|
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