Functional training

Functional training

Functional Training exercises are based on integrating all aspects of our body’s movement into our daily exercise routine.

What is functional training?

The fourth component of your Personalized Training Plan is functional training. Our team will choose the most appropriate functional exercises for your specific case based on your objectives, age and physical condition. We will teach you how to perform these exercises without machines and how to progress on the level of difficulty.

At Wunder Training we offer you the most personalized training possible. Therefore, your personalized training plan includes a selection of functional exercises for your specific needs, which are incorporated into your training plan so you can do them on your own.

Functional exercises seek to integrate all aspects of the movement of our body. We do not train a group of muscles in isolation, but our whole body. Functional exercises are performed without machines and will help you gain muscle strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility for comprehensive results.

Functional training aims to get us in shape to be more efficient and healthy in the movements of our day to day. For this reason, functional exercises often mimic everyday movements, such as walking, jumping, climbing stairs, lifting loads, dragging, etc.

Functional Training Exercises at Wunder Training
 Functional training with TRX at Wunder Training
 Functional training with pulley and pilates ball at Wunder Training

Functional training is one of the four parts of the Wunder Training personalised training plan. We adapt your personalized training plan to your goals, age and physical condition. In the first 4 sessions you will be accompanied by one of our instructors to fully customize your training plan with strength, resistance, mobility and functional exercises, explain you the training method and adjust the equipment to your body composition.


entrenamiento de fuerza

Strength training

Strong muscles provide better protection for bones and joints, and prevent the appearance of pain and injuries.


ejercicios para aumentar la resistencia

Resistance training

Cardiovascular resistance exercises to increase power and improve physical fitness.


Mobility training

Personalised exercises to improve flexibility and increase functional and joint mobility.


Functional training

Exercises that integrate all the movements of our body. Made without machines.



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