Come and try Nordic Walking with us around Barcelona with a specialist instructor.


Organised nordic walking outings in Barcelona

We all know the importance of cardiovascular exercise in strengthening the most important muscle in our body: the heart. This is why Wunder Training organises nordic walking outings led by our instructors.

Nordic walking is a modified walking technique insofar as specific poles are used. The arm movements are similar to those of classic cross-country skiing. In fact, it originates from the training carried out by the Finnish cross-country ski team during the summer months. It then spread as a sport throughout the rest of Europe.

The optimum length of the pole is around 66% one’s height (height in centimetres X 0.66 = pole length).

Nordic walking is a very comprehensive sport, as it strengthens the arms and back muscles as well as the legs.

The activity is suitable for everyone, especially people with knee pain, spinal pain or excess weight. This is because the poles help distribute the load correctly around the entire body. They also decrease the impact on our joints and our back. Nordic walking is the safest and most fun way of reaping all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

Led by Sergi Garcia (INWA Instructor), our Nordic Walking Club makes two group outings a week. The groups of suitable for people who are already familiar with the technique and those wishing to find out more about Nordic walking.

Outings around the city take place every Wednesday from 19.30 to 21.00 h and outings around the Collserola area every Friday from 18.30 to 21.00 h.

We offer a technical session on the first Wednesday of each month, which is ideal for anyone who hasn’t yet tried Nordic walking and for those looking to perfect their techniques.

Come and try Nordic Walking with Wunder Training

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