Osteopathy is a manual therapeutic approach that seeks to improve patient health

We analize the body an we check the relationships between the different systems forming our organism.

Osteopathy is able to guarantee good mobility among all parts of the body, with the decisive repercussions that this has on the individual’s well-being. It also ensures good blood flow and venous and lymphatic drainage in the body. The impaired circulation of fluids means that the body is more likely to suffer dysfunctions and makes tissue recovery more difficult.

The goal of the osteopath is to find the primary cause of imbalance in the body, without focusing solely on the symptomatic area, in order to treat it and recover optimum fitness.

Medical Record: firstly, the osteopath will make an extensive medical record of the reason for the visit and of the general health of the individual. After a full examination of the musculoskeletal, visceral and nervous systems, a comprehensive treatment plan is proposed to re-establish the balance and bring the patient back to full health.

Treatment: the treatment ranges from specific joint adjustment techniques to more gentle functional techniques, from which all members of the population can benefit, including babies and the elderly.

The goal is to restore good mobility in all structures, from a joint to an organ, to ensure good blood flow and innervation (nervous system), enabling the body to perform all its functions in the best conditions possible.

  • Acute and chronic back pain (cervicalgia, dorsalgia, lumbalgia, sciatica).
  • Peripheral joint problems: tendinitis (shoulder, elbow), hip pain (trochanteritis, bursitis), knee pain, ankle pain, and sporting injuries.
  • Posture problems.
  • Headaches, temporomandibular problems (bruxism), anxiety, stress and problems stemming from it.
  • Visceral problems: constipation, irritable colon, reflux / acidity, dysmenorrhea.

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