Veganismo y deporte: recomendaciones para la dieta vegana

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At Wunder Training we personalise your training plan regardless of your age and initial physical fitness.  With our method, all you need are 60 minutes twice a week to look after your health, get fit and improve your quality of life.

After an initial interview with a trainer, we will design your personal training plan with you, bearing in mind the goals you want to meet and your background.

In one session, your personal training plan will include strength, resistance, mobility and functional exercises that we will select according to your specific case.

Over four initial accompanied sessions, you will learn about our training method and how to use our equipment and machines so that you can enjoy your training independently, with the supervision and advice of our trainers and medical team.

The exercises in your training plan are done on equipment with the most advanced technology in the sector, and you will have the personal assistance of our team of professionals to permanently review your training plan.

Basic components of your training plan

The Wunder Training personal training plan consists of:

  • Strength training: Strong muscles provide better protection for bones and joints, improve performance and prevent the appearance of pain and injuries.
  • Resistance training: This improves power and physical fitness with cardiovascular resistance exercises.
  • Mobility training: This increases functional and joint mobility to fight ageing and an unhealthy lifestyle that can damage the body’s natural mobility.
  • Functional training: Overall work without machines using exercises that include all the aspects of body movement.
Veganismo y deporte: recomendaciones para la dieta vegana

You’ll improve your health and well-being with just two 60-minute sessions a week

We’ll review your training with you after ten training sessions. Over one hour, we will go over the exercises from the previous sessions and complete the programme with new ones. Once the exercise sheet is complete, you will continue to receive the ongoing advice of the trainers and medical team whenever you require.

The most advanced technology and constant review

Wunder Training has the most advanced training equipment in the sector: Medx, Technogym and Five Konzept. As well as the personalised assistance of our team, who will continue to work on your training plan.

Strength test: 2 tests a year are performed to objectively measure the evolution of your strength and the effectiveness of the exercise.

Spinal column test: 1 test a year is performed to objectively measure the strength of your back.

Medical evaluation: Up to 4 visits a year for a personalised medical check-up and the adaptation of the exercise programme from a medical viewpoint.


Find out about your personalised training plan with one free session


Find out about your personalised training plan with one free session