Wunder Training uses Five Konzept and MedX technology for flexibility and mobility training.

The Five Konzept equipment has been developed since 2004 by a team of experts and focuses on the back and on mobility. Not only does it cover the muscles, but also the fascia. There are six different special machines for training. A personalised programme of exercises using these devices is included in the training plan of each of our clients. The positive effects can be felt after just two or three sessions.

Five Konzept - Cadera

Hips – Five Konzept

This equipment focuses on the hip flexors to improve back, hip and knee mobility.

Five Konzept - Pectoral

Pectoral – Five Konzept

This equipment focuses on the intercostal, thoracic and breathing pump muscles for full, active stretching of the anterior muscle chain.

Five Konzept - Isquio

Ischium – Five Konzept

This equipment stretches the entire posterior muscle chain, from the head to the feet.

Five Konzept - Glúteo

Gluteus – Five Konzept

This equipment releases stress from the entire buttock area and provides flexibility to the hips and knees.

Five Konzept - Lateral

Lateral – Five Konzept

This equipment actively stretches the body’s entire lateral muscle chain.

Five Konzept - Espagat

Splits – Five Konzept

This equipment focuses on the anterior and posterior muscle chain, especially the hip flexor.

Five Konzept - Multi

Multi – Five Konzept

This multi-device forms an essential part of training with Five Konzept and can be used for a wide variety of exercises.

MedX Super Strecht

MedX Super Stretch

This equipment is used for different exercises that improve mobility of the spinal column, the shoulders, the knees and the hips.


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